UMP among the top 2.4% universities in Asia

Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) ranked one of the top 2.4% universities in Asia (11,900 of them) in the latest QS Asia University Rankings.

In the 2018 Edition of the rankings, UMP ranked in the band of 281-290. Specifically, UMP tops the International Students Indicator (600 of them), regionally in Malaysia. UMP also has the second highest International Faculty (96 of them) as compared to its counterparts in Malaysia (108 of them). Besides, the staff with PhD ratio of UMP is above the regional average by 5.8%.

Published annually, the rankings provides an index of the leading universities in Asia, based on evaluations on university performance from the perspectives of academic, employer, research and internationalization. The method retains key indicators of the global ranking, such as Academic Reputation, Employer Reputation, and Faculty to Student Ratio, but also considers a set of performance metrics carefully tailored for the region.

Congratulations to the QS University Rankings team at UMP, with a big round of applause! The goal of being the leader of the technical universities in Malaysia by 2020 is approaching.


News by Dr. Irene Ting Wei Kiong, Faculty of Industrial Management.


Posted By : SITI SARAH BINTI MOHAMAD RAJIMI Date Posted : 26-10-2017, 10:35:36